Boys 2-18 Years Growth ChartBoys 2-18 Years Growth ChartBoys 2-18 Years Growth Chart
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Boys 2 -18 years
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Identification No.

Given Names

Date of Birth

Head Circumference

Data Source: 2-5 yr: Jones, D. L. 1973, NSW Health
Communication Publication. 5-18 yr: Nellhaus, G.
1968, Pediatrics, 41:106-114.

Measuring Technique: The tape should be placed over the eyebrows, above the ears and over the most prominent part
of the occiput taking a direct route. A paper tape is preferable to plastic, which stretches unacceptably under tension.
The maximum measurement should be recorded to the nearest 0.1 cm.

Age (years)

Height Velocity
Centiles of a whole year
velocity for maturers
at average time


97 and 3 centile at peak
height velocity for
Early (+ 2SD) maturers
Late (- 2SD) maturers

Data Source: Tanner, J. & Davies, P. S. W. 1985, Journal of Pediatrics, 107.


The standards are appropriate for velocity calculated over a whole year period, not less, since