Blank Lease Agreement 1Blank Lease Agreement 1Blank Lease Agreement 1
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Agreement of Lease
THIS LEASE, made and entered this _______ day of _______ , 20-_______ , by and between:
(hereinafter called "Owner) and Last Name: ______________________ , First Name:
______________________ (hereinafter called "Resident"),

Lease Term
In consideration of the covenants hereinafter contained on the part of the Resident to be kept and performed,
Owner does hereby lease to resident the house located at ____________________. The term of this lease
shall commence on the _______ day of _______ , 20-_______ and expire at 12:00 am midnight on the
_______ day of _______ , 20-_______.


Resident shall pay to Owner a total rental of $ ________________ for the full term of this lease. Owner
hereby acknowledges receipt of $ ________________ simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this
Lease; which sum shall be applied to the said rental. The remainder of $ ________________ shall be paid by
Resident to Owner in _____ equal installments of $ ___