Acid Alkaline Food Chart 1Acid Alkaline Food Chart 1
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An Explanation For The Reverse Side

This complete chart is the key to a rational, scientific diet. You need not study food chemistry or be
concerned about what you eat if you follow these instructions and the chart on the reverse side.
Science has divided foods, like chemicals, into two classes:
Alkaline-forming, or practically safe foods to eat, and
Acid-forming, the somewhat dangerous foods to eat.
Your Eating Habits and The ‘Eighty-Twenty’ Rule:

Do you eat over 80 per cent in alkaline foods, of mainly fruits and vegetables? If so, these foods, rich in
organic mineral salts and vitamins preserve the normal alkalinity of the blood, and you do not need to
think about diets. This is the all encompassing key to balancing food intake. Remember always to eat
plenty of health-promoting items, especially when you do eat acid-formers, such as meat, cheese, nuts,
grains, et cetera. Because these items are acid-forming is no reason to exclude them entirely—but use