Acceptance Letter
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Acceptance Letter
When accepting a job offer, you want to follow-up with a note that reinforces the employer's decision to
hire you, and confirm the terms of your employment. These terms include salary, starting date, and
necessary preparations. Often this letter may follow a telephone conversation or a meeting where
these terms are discussed.
Thank the individual(s) for the opportunity and state how pleased you are to accept the position.
Mention again your interest in this type of work. Confirm any paperwork or preliminary steps the
company/organization requires of you.
Dear Ms. Mellon:
Thank you for your offer of employment with The Alpha Corporation. I am very pleased to accept
the invitation to join the firm as an Information Specialist at the salary and terms described in
your letter dated April 22, 2010.
I will be able to report to work on June 15, 2010 and will have completed the employee
orientation and medical examination by that time. Also prior to that date, I will be in to