Wyoming Estate Planning ChecklistWyoming Estate Planning ChecklistWyoming Estate Planning Checklist
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An estate plan can be drawn up using these step-by-step instructions as a
guideline. It should be noted, however, that an attorney who specializes in
estate planning should be present throughout as these instructions should not
be the misinterpreted as definitive legal advice.

Step 1 - Select a Health Care Agent
A Health Care Agent, or attorney-in-fact, is an individual selected to make
medical decisions on behalf of the principal (patient). The agent will have the
ability to communicate with the acting physician and hospital staff to
determine the best course of action for medical treatment. They'll have the
authority to sign any documentation required to administer or refuse health
care treatment as proposed by the physician. All decisions will be made in
accordance with the principal's best interests and wishes (as relayed in an
Advance Directive).
Medical Power of Attorney - This document is used to select the health care
representative, providing