Wyoming Commercial Lease FormWyoming Commercial Lease FormWyoming Commercial Lease Form
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Form WY-988LT


This lease agreement is entered into on this the ______ day of ______________________, 20 _____, by and between:
_______________________________________________________, (hereinafter called “LESSOR”), whether one or more,
_______________________________________________________, (hereinafter called “LESSEE”), whether one or more.
For valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, LESSOR and LESSEE do hereby
covenant, contract and agree as follows:
account. The acceptance by LESSOR of a check for a
lesser amount with an endorsement or statement thereon,
or upon any letter accompanying such check, that such
lesser amount is payment in full, shall be given no effect,
and LESSOR may accept such check without prejudice to
any other rights or remedies which LESSOR may have
against LESSEE.

1. PREMISES AND TERM: LESSOR, hereby leases
to LESSEE for the term comme