Wisconsin Model Release Form 2Wisconsin Model Release Form 2
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I (please print full name) ________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the ‘‘Model’’) hereby participate in
Wisconsin Fashion Week (hereinafter referred to as the ‘‘event’’). I hereby understand that photographs/videos (the words
‘‘Photographs/Videos’’ as used in this release shall refer to any and all types of still photography, recorded video footage, or any other device
by which images can be projected, transmitted, displayed or played back, digital images, negatives, prints of every kind and nature) taken from
the event are property of Moe Publicity (hereinafter referred to as the ‘‘Company’’).
These photographs/videos will be included in the database of the Company and agreed to give the Company the absolute right and
permission to copyright, use, reuse, publish, exhibit, display, print and reprint in advertising/commercial, publicity or promotional material,
magazines, books, website , trade or any other media, or for any oth