West Virginia Do Not Resuscitate FormWest Virginia Do Not Resuscitate FormWest Virginia Do Not Resuscitate Form
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§16-30C-1. Short title.
The article may be cited as the "Do Not Resuscitate Act."
§16-30C-2. Legislative findings and purposes.
(a) Findings. -- The Legislature hereby finds that:
(1) Although cardiopulmonary resuscitation has saved the lives of persons
experiencing sudden, unexpected death, present medical data indicates that
cardiopulmonary resuscitation rarely leads to prolonged survival in persons with chronic
illnesses in whom death is expected;
(2) In many circumstances, the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on
persons may cause infliction of unwanted and unnecessary pain and suffering;
(3) All persons have a right to make health care decisions including the right to
refuse cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
(4) Persons with incapacity have the right to have health care decisions made for
them by surrogate decision-makers;
(5) Existing emergency medical services protocols require their personnel to
proceed with cardiopulmonary resuscita