Washington Revocation Power of AttorneyWashington Revocation Power of Attorney
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Revocation of Power of Attorney

Cancelling a Power of Attorney
When you have made someone your agent by naming them in a power
of attorney form, you can cancel that power by revoking the powers you
have given them. You should give written notice to the agent, and, if
possible, to anyone who has been relying on the power of attorney. The
attached form can be used to revoke a power of attorney previously
In Washington State, if no land is going to be dealt with, it is not legally
necessary to sign a power of attorney in front of a notary and have it
recorded. Sometimes people choose to have their power of attorney
notarized, and sometimes even recorded, for other reasons. If the power
of attorney has been filed (recorded) with a county records department,
the paper canceling (or revoking) the power of attorney should be filed
in the same place. It might not need to be notarized to be a valid
revocation, but if the original was notarized you will probably avoid
potential conflic