Washington Quitclaim Deed Form 1Washington Quitclaim Deed Form 1Washington Quitclaim Deed Form 1
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Quitclaim Deeds and Life Estates
What is a Quitclaim Deed?

What if I want my property back
after I sign the form?

All real estate transactions must be in

If you change your mind later and decide
you want to keep the property, it may be
impossible or very hard to undo the deed
unless the Grantee agrees to Quitclaim the
property back to you.

A quitclaim deed is one way to transfer real
property such as:

A house or

Land or

Certain mobile homes.

If the Grantee refuses to Quitclaim the
property back to you, you would have to
prove that the transfer was invalid.
Examples: You signed the deed under
threats or other extreme pressure, or you
signed it due to lies the Grantee told you.
You may have to hire a lawyer to invalidate
the transfer. That can be very expensive. It
may not work.

The person who transfers the property by
selling it or making a gift of it is called the
“Grantor.” The person the property is
transferred to is the “Grantee.”
A Quitclaim deed is differ