Washington Liability Release Form 1
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PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT, 3424 Meridian, Bellingham, Washington 98225
Telephone: (360) 778-7000 Fax: (360) 778-7001 TDD: (360) 778-7011

Bellingham Parks Volunteer Program
Participant’s Name:_____________________________________________
Activity Location: ______________________________________________ Date of Activity:____________
Legal guardians must sign for any minor, individuals under 18 years of age, participating in the Parks Volunteer Activity.
This form must accompany the participant to the Parks Volunteer Activity and be given to the leader.

I/we will not hold the City of Bellingham, the Bellingham School District, employees/volunteers or anyone otherwise
involved in named programs responsible for any accident or injury that might occur, negligence notwithstanding.
In the event of injury or illness, I understand that reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent immediately.
However, I am aware that if the injury or illness appears serious