Washington Estate Planning ChecklistWashington Estate Planning ChecklistWashington Estate Planning Checklist
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Residents of Washington state can execute the below steps in accordance
with the Washington Revised Code to prepare their estate for distribution and
to elect attorneys-in-fact to represent their needs when a physician deems it
necessary. It should be noted that due to the importance of the belowmentioned documents, an attorney who specializes in estate law should be
consulted prior to their execution. The instructions on this page should not
replace sufficient legal counsel.

Step 1 – Select a Health Care Agent
A Health Care Agent, frequently referred to as a health care proxy or a health
care attorney-in-fact, is an individual selected through a Durable Power of
Attorney document to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient
when the patient has been diagnosed by their acting physician as incapable of
making health care decisions on their own. The scope of the agent’s power
can be defined with precision within the POA form. Generally, an