Virginia General Power of Attorney FormVirginia General Power of Attorney Form
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, a resident of
General Power of attorney appointing
hereinafter referred to as “my attorney”. For the dates of
attorney is authorized to act for me as follows:

, make this

, my

1. To demand, sue for, receive, collect, and hold any and all monies, securities, and
other property, of any nature whatsoever, that now belong to me in the future, or
in which I may have an interest, and generally to deal with such property;
2. To commence, prosecute, discontinue, or defend any and all actions or other legal
proceedings involving my estate or any part thereof, or involving my estate or
any part thereof, or involving any matter in which I or my estate may be
3. To sign, endorse, or assign any note, check, or other instrument of any nature
whatsoever, negotiable or non-negotiable, for deposit, discount, collection, or
4. To write checks upon of otherwise withdraw all funds or account balances now
or hereafter outstanding to my credit or