Virginia Estate Planning ChecklistVirginia Estate Planning ChecklistVirginia Estate Planning Checklist
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The step-by-step guide below is an overview of the estate planning process,
complete with templates and the appropriate statutes. The information should
not be misinterpreted as legal advice; before completing any one of the
documents below, it is recommended that an attorney who specializes in
estate planning be contacted.

Step 1 - Select a Health Care Representative
A representative designated for the management of an individual's healthcare
is referred to as a healthcare agent, proxy, or attorney-in-fact. This trusted
individual is selected while the principal (individual the agent represents) is of
sound mind in anticipation of the eventual loss of decisional capacity. When
the principal becomes fully incapacitated, as declared by the attending
physician, the healthcare agent will be responsible for carrying out the
principal's wishes as directed in an Advance Directive (see below).
Advance Medical Directive (Medical POA) - This is a two (2) part