Vermont Master Lease Agreement FormVermont Master Lease Agreement FormVermont Master Lease Agreement Form
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Vermont Telecommunications Authority
One Hundred State Street, Suite 342
Montpelier, VT 05620-3205
Attn: Legal Department

Lessee: [NAME]

Effective Date of this Agreement: _____________ 201__ (the “Effective Date”).
Exhibits. This Agreement consists of ____ pages including the following exhibits, and schedules which are
incorporated herein:

Exhibit I:

Equipment Schedule

Exhibit II:

VTA Network Corridors

Exhibit III:

Network Operating Standards

Exhibit IV:

Form of Corridor Acceptance Certificate

Exhibit V:

Rent Schedule

Exhibit VI:

Site Acceptance Certificate

Exhibit VII:

Standard State Terms and Conditions

Exhibit VIII:

Form of Schedule and Lease

Exhibit IX:

Resiliency Points

Exhibit X:

Lessee’s Network

PREAMBLE. Pursuant to this Master Lease Agreement (“Agreement”) dated as
of____________, 201_, the Vermont Telecommunications Authority, a body corporate and politic and a public
instrumentality of the State of Vermont (“VTA”)