Utah General Power of Attorney FormUtah General Power of Attorney FormUtah General Power of Attorney Form
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I. NOTICE - This legal document grants you (Hereinafter referred to as the
“Principal”) the right to transfer unlimited financial powers to someone else
(Hereinafter referred to as the “Attorney-in-Fact”), unlimited financial powers
are described as: all financial decision making power legal under law. The
Principal’s transfer of financial powers to the Attorney-in-Fact are granted
upon authorization of this agreement, and DO NOT stay in effect in the event
of incapacitation by the Principal (incapacitation is described in Paragraph II).
This agreement does not authorize the Attorney-in-Fact to make medical
decisions for the Principal. The Principal continues to retain every right to all
their financial decision making power and may revoke this General Power of
Attorney Form at anytime. The Principal may include restrictions or requests
pertaining to the financial decision making power of the Attorney-in-Fact. It is
the intent of the Attorney-in-Fact