Texas Model Release Form 2
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Model Release Form
South Texas Heat Magazine
I ______________________________ (hereafter "Model"), in the interest of gaining valuable modeling experience
and in exchange for photographs of myself, do hereby irrevocably authorize South Texas Heat Magazine
(hereafter "Photographer"), and those acting with Photographer's permission, including, but not limited to South
Texas Heat Magazine, to use photographs taken by Photographer of myself on from the date of
________________________ and ending on the date of ______________________ and derivative works based
thereupon (collectively hereafter the "Photos") for all lawful purposes subject to the terms and conditions
described herein.
Model agrees that the aforementioned exchange is for photographs delivered to the model by Photographer in the
quantity and format described as follows: photographs will be delivered upon request in computer format, such as
jpg or bmp.
Model further agrees that, while model may use the Photos for purposes relat