Tennessee Estate Planning ChecklistTennessee Estate Planning ChecklistTennessee Estate Planning Checklist
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Each step of the estate plan provides further security for the individual
preparing for the end of their life. It is recommended that an attorney be
present during the creation and execution of all legal documents pertaining to
the distribution of assets and election of healthcare/financial representatives.

Step 1 – Select a Health Care Agent
When selecting a health care agent, the principal (the individual whom the
agent represents) will be required to seek out someone who is trustworthy and
able to act with the principal’s best interests in mind. The agent must also be
able to take into consideration the advice of the health care professionals
assigned to the case and the demands of the principal as relayed in the
Medical Power of Attorney.
Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney – This legal instrument provides the
principal with the ability to select their health care agent (referred to in the
document as attorney-in-fact). On top of authorizing