South Dakota Tax Power of Attorney FormSouth Dakota Tax Power of Attorney Form
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SD EForm - 1285


Revised 08/08

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Power of Attorney
South Dakota Department of Revenue
445 E. Capitol Ave | Pierre, SD 57501-3185 | 1-800-TAX-9188

Please fill out this form if you have an accounting firm or reporting service compile your tax applications andreturns for you.
Licensee’s are required to file returns/application and pay taxes/fees as they are owed. They are also required to accept and respond to various types of official communications with the Department of Revenue.
If a licensee prefers an Accounting or Reporting firm to fulfill these responsibilities this authorization form
is to be completed. This is a privilege extended to the licensee which requires special handling by the department, therefore,such action will not be considered unless this form is properly completed and placed
on file with the Department. However, the completion of this form does not relieve the licensee of the legal