Free Writing an obituary 03Free Writing an obituary 03Free Writing an obituary 03
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Writing an obituary
If you are having difficulties writing an obituary, we suggest viewing an obituary from our website or the local
paper. Select an obituary and follow the format substituting your family’s information. You may want to look at
a couple different obituaries to make sure you are not missing a detail that you would like mentioned. When
requested, we will assist you in writing an obituary that makes your loved one that special individual.
Newspapers do charge for obituaries so we feel it is very important that your loved one be memorialized in
your words.

The obituary will usually start with the name of the deceased. It is recommended to include a nickname or
shorter version of his or her name to make sure people recognize the deceased. For example, Jonathan
"John" A. Doe or Janet "Jane" M. Doe. You may also include nicknames or maiden names to assist the public.
Following the name, the age should appear, if desired. Following the age, the place of residence should