Free Writing an obituaryFree Writing an obituary
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Writing obituaries involves communicating in a specific style, whether for a
website or a quality newspaper. The activity incorporates aspects of Citizenship
education because it asks students to consider the contribution made to society
by a range of individuals and to evaluate their significance.
Students are free to select an individual, who might be a national figure or
someone who has made a contribution to the local community.

Lesson 1 Analysing an obituary
Scan and project two or three current obituaries from newspapers and/or select
some from the BBC website. A search on ‘obituaries’ and the year will produce
some recent ones. Select people who have made a contribution to society.
The whole class offers ideas about the purpose of an obituary and these are

Select one obituary for analysis, preferably of someone known to the students.
The class works in groups on one of the following aspects of the obituary.
– the contributions to socie