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Creating a behavior chart
Behavior charts are based on the well-known fact that children thrive on attention and approval from
their parents. Behavior charts are organized ways to make sure that your child knows you are proud
of him/her when he/she does the kinds of behaviors you want to see. The more time your child
spends on these positive behaviors, the less time your child will have for negative behaviors that
you do not want to see. Also, if your child does not get as much attention for the negative behaviors,
he/she will be less likely to do those.
1. Identify the behaviors you would like to see happen more. These will go in the behavior
chart on the left column. If there are more than 1 adults in the home, it is best for everyone
to agree on the most important behavior goals.
a. Behaviors should be stated in positive terms- what you WANT to see, not what you
do not want to see. For example: “Sit in your chair for dinner” (NOT: “don’t get out of
your chair”) or “keep your hands t