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1425 Spruce Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19102-4503
(215) 735-1910
(866) 677-5970

[Property Owner]

OPA#: [Number]

[Mailing Address]
[City, State Zip]

Property: [Property Address]
Total Cure Amount Due: [$Amount]
Payment Due Date: [Date]

Dear [Property Owner]:
You were previously notified in writing that you were in risk of material breach of the Owner Occupied
Payment Agreement (“Agreement”) you entered into with our office for the repayment of certain City and
School District of Philadelphia delinquent real estate taxes, including additions, penalties, interest, costs, fees,
expenses and attorney fees (“Real Estate Tax Liabilities”). Our records show that you have failed to pay the
amount required to become current on the Agreement.

As of the date of this letter, you are in material breach of the Agreement. In order to cure the
material breach and avoid a default of your Agreement, we must receive the Total Cure Amount Due
by the Payment