Free breach of contract 11Free breach of contract 11Free breach of contract 11
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Notice of Termination
(Breach of Tenant Obligations)
Breach of Tenant Obligations – e.g. Tenant Not Permitting Inspections
If a tenant breaches his or her obligations under the Acts, then 28 days’ notice need only be given,
regardless of the duration of the tenancy. This should be preceded by a warning notice, allowing a
reasonable opportunity to remedy the breach if the duration of the tenancy is 6 months or more.
Generally no preliminary warning notice needs to be served in respect of a fixed term tenancy if the
duration of the tenancy is less than 6 months (a non Part 4 tenancy). Tenants’ obligations are set out
in Section 16 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004.
For Example: Tenant will not allow an inspection of the dwelling
A tenant is entitled to peaceable and exclusive occupation of a dwelling. A landlord is entitled to
access the dwelling for the purpose of inspection. If a landlord wishes to inspect the dwelling then
the landlord must agree a date and time in advance with th