Free breach of contract 10Free breach of contract 10
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[Instructional note: Seek advice from the ACT Government Solicitor prior to issuing this
For use by a senior representative and appropriate delegate of the Principal to notify of a
substantial breach of the Contract by the Contractor.
This letter is not to terminate the Contract.
A person who holds appropriate delegated authority from the Principal must issue this
Ensure that this notice is served correctly and promptly on the Contractor, in accordance
with clause 28. It must be served to the current registered business address of the
Contractor by hand, by courier (where an acknowledgement of receipt can be obtained), or
registered post. Officers should consider the timing of when a notice sent by post will be
received. Obtain evidence of the time and date of receipt. Facsimile or email transmission
may also be used in addition to delivery of a hard copy, to expedite prompt action by the
Contractor. Normal post services should NOT be relied upon for this notice.
Any te