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legal letter for Breach of contract

This letter is being written to discuss the contract we signed on February 25, 2014 according to
which you had to send me the first 100 samples of the water bottles latest by March 01, 2014.
However, neither have I received any sample nor a request from your end to extend the dead line for
the same. My entire production has stopped since last two days and I have suffered huge financial
losses due to the same.
Irrespective of repeated phone calls and emails from my team, we have not received any favorable
response from your end. Hence, due to these reasons you are in breach of this contract.
You may contact me immediately and explain by when the water bottles can be delivered to my
production unit. A lack of the same from your end by 5.00 pm tomorrow will lead to a legal action
against you and your organization.

Legal letter for breach of contract
This letter comes with a notification of breach of contract made between you and XYZ Ltd. on th