Free bmi chart 08Free bmi chart 08Free bmi chart 08
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Instructions for EXCEL BMI Calculator (English Version)
To allow all the features of this calculator to work, please click "Enable Macros" if prompted. You must
close then reopen this spreadsheet if you originally selected "Disable Macros."
1. This spreadsheet has 3 worksheets, entitled "INSTRUCTIONS," "MEASUREMENTS," and "GROUP
SUMMARY." You can move to each of these using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The
"MEASUREMENTS" worksheet is where children's measurements can be added and the BMI
calculations are done. The "GROUP SUMMARY" worksheet summarizes the prevalence of obesity and
overweight for all children who had valid measurements.
2. Information on birth date, date measured, sex, height, and weight must be entered into the box on the
MEASUREMENTS worksheet. See the example at the bottom of these instructions.
3. Each child’s sex should be entered as “M” to indicate male or “F” to indicate female. This field is not
case sensitive.
4. Each child’s birth date should be entere