Free Blood Type Diet Chart 20Free Blood Type Diet Chart 20Free Blood Type Diet Chart 20
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GROUP: O+ & O-


You Should Eat
A high-protein diet
and do intense
exercises. Dark
green vegetables
should be consumed
as it contains
Vitamin K, which is
required to prevent
blood clotting, which
you may be prone
to. Among the
meats, you should
eat fish and poultry
as they are rich in
proteins. Olive oil,
small amounts of
rice, bananas,
carrots, wine and
green tea are good
for O+ types, while
herbal tea is healthy
for O negatives.
You Should Eat
A vegetarian diet
with fresh green
vegetables, legumes
and whole grains as
it provides minerals
and antioxidants
that help you fight
heart disease,
cancer and diabetes.
Tofu should be a
staple in your diet as

You Should Avoid
A high-carbohydrate
diet. Although you’re
advised to eat meat,
excessive fat meats
like beef should not
be eaten. Cabbage,
mustard green,
brussels sprouts and
cauliflower are not
recommended as
they inhibit thyroid
hormone and cause
metabolic problems.

You Should Avoid