Free Blood Type Diet Chart 13Free Blood Type Diet Chart 13
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Blood Type Diet

A Blood Type Diet
You should consume a
vegetarian diet which is
low in fat but rich in
carbohydrates. You can
deal with stress by
meditating or performing
gentle exercises by
playing golf or doing
yoga. If you are not
going to eat according to
your blood type, then
you will enhance your
chances of developing
heart disease and

B Blood Type Diet
You must eat a
varied diet which
includes meat and
dairy products.
exercises like
walking or
swimming are good
for you. Not eating
according to your
blood type is going
to increase your
risk of viruses that
grow slowly and
are harmful for the
nervous system.

AB Blood Type
Since you have
the traits of blood
types A and B in
you, you can
consume most of
the foods that are
recommended for
people with these
two blood types.
techniques and
calming exercises
are best for you to
remain healthy.
You immune
system is the
friendliest among
all blood types.

O Blood Type Diet
Eat meat which
is low in