Free Blood Type Diet Chart 12Free Blood Type Diet Chart 12Free Blood Type Diet Chart 12
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Blood Type Diet

B Blood Groups

A Blood Groups

We are diary eaters and the good news is –
this is ok but foods that will encourage weight
gain for B's are sweetcorn, lentils (bummer – I
love lentils) peanuts, sesame seeds and
wheat. Also bad for us are Bacon, Chicken,
Duck, Goose, Ham and Pork.

You guys are the very first vegetarians!
Supposedly due to ancestors that were more
settled and less warlike than your
counterparts. The nature of your blood type
is to cultivate so you've all descended from
farmers essentially.

Food that encourages weight loss for B blood
group types are green vegetables (well that’s
a no brainer) meat particularly lamb, mutton,
rabbit and venison, liver and eggs – also
liquorice tea. Never take liquorice
supplements without a GP’s supervision – the

Meat doesn't appear to benefit you and you
definitely need to avoid Beef and Pork and
any dairy as you have trouble digesting
them due to your low stomach acid content.
You must also avoid Wheat based products.