Free Birthday Invitation Template 06
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S. Duquesne

Stephens Blvd.

Davis Blvd.

S. Rangeline

Home Depot

The party will begin at


Rex Ave


This party is for

2011 Stephens Blvd.
[email protected]
(417) 659-9200

Join us for a Party

Please plan to come to our party.
Get AMPed!!!

Amplify Gymnastics is a safe and fun environment but, as with any
sport, there are risks involved during activity. This waiver must be
signed and given to Amplify Gymnastics for our child to participate
in the party.
Child(ren) name(s) __________________ __________________


Party Date:___________
Participant waiver- Amplify Gymnastics LLC


Amplify Gymnastics

I give permission for my child(ren) to participate in gymnastics and
game activates during the birthday party at Amplify Gymnastics. I
understand that injury can take place due to the nature of the
activities and I assume responsibility and waive any claim for
compensation for accidental injury incurred by m