Free Birth Plan Template 39Free Birth Plan Template 39Free Birth Plan Template 39
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Birth Plan
An Excerpt from Well Adjusted Babies

Well Adjusted Babies
Example Birth Plan

The following pages outline some considerations for your birth plan.
As an example, we have included our first birth plan that was used at
the birthing centre. Remember that this will be your birth experience,
so take from these pages what feels right for you and your partner.
Write your own birth plan, discuss it wholeheartedly, re-write it and
then be confident when implementing.
“Staffing problems may lead to stressful and tired midwives, who may
be required to look after two or three women in labour at once. When
close observation and support cannot be provided there is greater reliance on electronic foetal monitoring and epidural anaesthesia in order
for the system to cope.”
If you are planning your birth at a hospital or birthing centre, remember that midwives and doctors will most likely be attending the needs
of other couples as well. In ce