Free Birth Plan Template 36Free Birth Plan Template 36Free Birth Plan Template 36
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Patient Education
Perinatal Education

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Pregnancy and Giving Birth

My Birth Plan
For mother and baby
Your birth plan is an outline or “letter” written to your
provider and caregivers. It describes your concerns, fears,
wishes, and how you and your partner would like your labor
and birth to be managed and why. It should be flexible and
The birth plan starts with a conversation between you and
your partner. To help you get started, we suggest reading
Birth Choices, pages 77 to 79 in this booklet, and Chapter 7
in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn.
As you write your plan, it may be helpful to discuss it with
your doctor or midwife at your prenatal visits. When you
come to the hospital, your birth plan will let your caregivers
know your preferences.
Review your birth plan with your health care provider and
nurse, and highlight the points that are especially important
to you. Have fun planning the birth of your baby!
My Thoughts and Hopes for Labor and Birth
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