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Birth Plan
Planning for the birth of your baby is an exciting time. You have many choices to make for your labor,
delivery and postpartum stay with us. The Birth Plan will help you identify and communicate your wishes to
your healthcare team. Please take some time to talk with your spouse/labor support person about the
options you have available to you. Then, fill in this plan and give copies to the following people:
• Your healthcare provider (physician/midwife)
• The staff at the hospital (bring a copy in your labor bag)
Think of the Birth Plan as a way to tell us about your preferences for your birth experience. Please
understand that your options may change due to the medical condition of you or your baby. However, we
will work to honor your choices and include you in any additional decision making related to your care.

We wish you a wonderful Birth-Day!
Preparation for Childbirth
† I attended a prepared childbirth or childbirth update class.
† I attended a breastfeeding class.