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Charting Positive Behavior
Some parents and children ages 2 and older find it helpful to post a chart that serves to
praise and reinforce desired behaviors.
■ Make a short list of the behaviors you want to promote, and share it with your child.
■ Make a large chart with your child, using simple words or pictures to represent the behaviors
you want to promote.
■ Place a mark or a sticker on the chart each time your child engages in a desired behavior,
while thanking her or telling her what you like about that behavior.
■ Give marks for whatever period each day you can watch your child closely. Anything from 15
minutes to all day will work. At the end of the period, add up the marks and give a small
reward (e.g., read your child an extra book, give her a special sticker, give her a penny).
■ Give extra marks or special stickers for especially good behaviors such as sponta-neous
helpful actions, even if they are not on the list.
■ If your child asks for