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Behavior Plan
Mrs. Ray’s Classroom | Seward Elementary School
At all times, students are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate for a child of this age
and that is conducive to a positive learning environment. The following classroom rules are broad
and easy to understand. They set the tone for children to be learners and helpers. This behavior plan
promotes the type of learning climate that I believe all students deserve.
Our Classroom Rules:
1. We use “I care” language.
2. Hands are for helping, not hurting.
3. We are respectful toward other people.
4. We are responsible for what we say and do.
5. We listen to each other.
How It Works:
Each child has a clothespin with his or her assigned number attached to a behavior chart. Every day,
children start with their clip on the “Right-On Rhino” part of the board. When I notice caring,
helping behavior, a clothespin can be moved up the chart. When a child chooses inappropriate
behavior based on the above five rules, a clothespin