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Behavior and Down Syndrome:
A Practical Guide for Parents
David Stein, PsyD

Children’s Hospital Boston

Institute for Community Inclusion


arenting can be a bit like setting off on a journey

without a

map. With each unexpected fork in the road, the caring
parent uses intuition informed by

prior experiences to choose a path. For some families, this works
out just fine. For most of us, a little extra guidance to
understanding our children’s behavior can make a huge difference.
While there are several very good books that address general
child behavior, there is not much information available for families
specifically designed to support positive behavior for children with
Down syndrome. Dr. Stein’s guide fills this gap beautifully
providing sound, practical advice for parents of children with Down
syndrome. Recognizing that each child is unique but also that
there are some common areas that can present challenges and
also particular strategies that have proven successful, Dr. Ste