Free behavior chart 26Free behavior chart 26Free behavior chart 26
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 Start of class/bell-ringer
 Large-group lecture
 Large group teacher-led
 Large-group: when called
on by the teacher
 Student work-pairs
 Student groups:
cooperative learning
 Reading activities
 Writing activities
 Math activities
 Independent seat work
 Independent computer
 Transitions between
academic activities
 Homework collection
 In-class homework review
 Tests and/or quizzes
 Class dismissal
 Other:

Classroom Behavior Chart: Middle & High School Classrooms
Student Behavior
Consequence/ Outcome
 Sits inactive
 Puts head on desk
 Is inattentive (e.g., staring into space, looking out
the window)
 Leaves seat without permission
 Requests bathroom or water breaks
 Uses cell phone, music player, or other digital
device against class rules
 Whispers/talks/mutters to self
 Makes loud or distracting noises
 Calls out with non-instructional comments
 Calls out with instructionally relevant