Free baseball lineup template 19Free baseball lineup template 19Free baseball lineup template 19
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A. Lineups: Set up each lineup – left and right as needed – and copy and paste into home and visitor areas of the scoreshe
Print each scoresheet for game play.

B. Schedules: Copy Master Schedule to a new tab for each new league you set up. Randomly assign one of your teams t

each team in the master schedule (Team A, Team B, etc.). I usually take the first team and roll a die to assign as Team A and c

C. League Standings: To sort standings – click on “Pct” cell in the Schedule tab, go to AZ and ZA sorts at top of page and
D. League Leaders: To sort batting and pitching stats – click on top column header (“HR”, “ERA”, etc) and sort AZ or ZA.

Note – After you’ve sorted for any stats, you can again sort the teams back together by sorting on the “TEAM” column header.

The sample pages included for 1984 can be cleared of names to insert your league teams. Use caution that you don’t
delete the information in any stat cells (batting average, ERA, etc ..) When I start a new league, I create