Free bank statement template 14
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Sample Bank Statement
Bank Name
Statement must typewritten
Street Address City, Country Postal Code Contact 1:
official bank letterhead.


2: Statement must include the date the
letter was issued. For your I-20,
your bank statement must be less
than 12 months old.
Date statement is issued

3: Name of account holder. If this is

someone other than the student,
please account
state thenumber
and numb
r accounts. currently has a balance of in savings

4: Statement must include balance of
the account and the currency type.
(Can be worded "
has a balance exceeding " if the account
holder does not wish to disclose the
exact amount of their balance.)

5: Statement must include account

Title of Bank Official

number if you will be submitting
more than one statement from the
same bank.

6: Statement must signed by a