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The following is an aid to help you complete the Bank Statement Requirement. Your
bank may have a standard form that can be used. Every bank statement should:
1.) be printed on the bank’s official letterhead stationary,
2.) contain the stamp of the bank in colored ink, and a signature of the bank official,
3.) be dated with the issuing date,
4.) include the amount of money available in the bank account at that time, or indicate
an amount that the sponsor has “in excess of”,
5.) include the name of the sponsor.
The text below will be acceptable to most American Institutions:.
To Whomsoever It May Concern,
This is to certify that Ms. ___________________, residing at ___________________, is
maintaining a Savings account with us. She currently has a balance of _____________
with us. This is equivalent to $_____________ USD.
This letter is given at the specific request of the customer without any ri