Free Bank Reconciliation Template 17Free Bank Reconciliation Template 17Free Bank Reconciliation Template 17
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Use of the 4 worksheets
The Treasurer template serves to assist you in keeping an accurate record of all your club's income and expenses.
Please ensure you keep it up to date.

It has been designed for easy usage. All you need to do is to add any income or expense with the appropriate date into the
and the worksheet will calculate the sums automatically.
If you keep your record up to date the Income and Expenses table will always provide you with a detailed records of where
The 'Total Budget' worksheet offers you a summary of all your income and expenses and your current profit/loss. It updates

Bank Reconciliation
Every time you receive your bank statement you should reconcile it with your cheque book and any income that you have d
Enter the appropriate cheque number for each cheque that appears on your statement as well as the reason for issuing it (
Also enter the reason for any money deposit as your statement will only reflect the amount but not the origin of the money.
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