Free Bank Reconciliation Template 09Free Bank Reconciliation Template 09Free Bank Reconciliation Template 09
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Form Completion Instructions
- Use the spreadsheet tab for the ending date of the statement.
- The reconciliation should be completed by someone who is not a signatory on the Hanscom Credit Union
- When finished, print, sign, and send completed form (with copy of statement attached) to BVARI by the
2nd Wednesday of the month.

Reconciliation Instructions
Step 1: Start with the bank statement's ending balance and check it against the balance in your check
book. If they differ, you'll need to account for, or reconcile, the difference. Make sure your check book
arithmetic is correct before proceeding.

Step 2: Verify that you have added bank interest and bank credits and subtracted bank charges and bank
debits in your check book balance. If you see debits you don't understand, call the bank and ask for an
explanation and, if necessary, a justification for the charge.

Step 3: Tick off all checks that appear on the bank statement and be sure all check numbers and amounts
agree wit