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Personal Reflective Essay
Being a teenager in today’s society is hard. The pressure surrounding the
upcoming exams - from both parents and teachers - is stressful to say the
least. People close to you change – and not necessarily for the better. Peer
pressure gradually becomes a bigger deal. We are supposed to be young
adults, yet get treated like children. I feel that some people have the
mental age of a five year old, yet others act far older than their years.
Society often labels us depending on what we wear or what we like. We
have the pressure to look a certain way, and the expectation to dress like
the people in magazines. Relationships come to the fore too. The joys of
being a teenager – or so I’m told.
Exams. If you ask anyone in education right now what on their mind, the
answer will be exams. With only a couple of months till they begin
everything is starting to get slightly hectic. We’re all panicking because
we don’t understand anything, and the occasional outburst from you