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Final Reflection Paper – INFO 608
Final Reflection Paper
Beyond Human Computer Interaction: A world of opportunity
Rajeev Iyer

As stated in the book Beyond Human Computer Interaction, every product that is
ever “used” by a consumer will have a user experience. As such every product sold for
consumer use comes under the umbrella of a human-product interaction. Technology has
served to increase the sophistication of all products available in the last 3 decades of the
Consumer Products industry. The creation of the vacuum tube gave way to the first
computing mechanism in the early part of the 20 th century, and the subsequent evolution
of the transistor has resulted in the creation of the digital computer industry. Consistent
evolution in the technical possibilities and uses of the transistor has resulted in
increasingly powerful and sophisticated advances in computing. These advances have
resulted in the reduction of the size and materials required to produce individual