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GEM Reflection Paper
Jody Miesel
April 27, 2007
In reflection on my experience in the GEM program, I have gained clarity on what sorts
of competencies geriatric social workers need, as well as in what areas social workers and
students tend to feel most strong in their practice. For example, many social workers feel strong
in the competency domains of values and ethics, as well as assessment. On the other hand, they
tend to feel less confident in their knowledge of aging services, programs and policies and how
to intervene in those areas. This awareness and familiarity with the Hartford PPP competency
scale will be a great asset to me in my future work with the Gero-Ed Center when I am at the
University of Washington.
Regarding my specific gains in competencies, I feel that I learned the most and was most
likely to gain specific geriatric competencies at the monthly seminars. I really appreciated
learning from the experiences of other students about the work they did and what types of