Free reflective essay example 13Free reflective essay example 13Free reflective essay example 13
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LSA 5030-Dr. B. Howard

Reflection on
Mission and Vision
in My School
Is your school’s mission impossible? What is your school’s vision and how
will it help you get where you want to be?

Deborah T. Arrington


According to research, a leading factor of more effective schools from less effective
schools is their commitment to a shared mission statement (Stemler, 2011). The first standard
articulated by the nation’s largest secondary school accreditation requires that schools establishes
and communicate a shared purpose and direction for improving the performance of students and
the effectiveness of the school. In fulfillment of the standard, the school: (i) establishes a vision
for the school in collaboration with its key stakeholders, (ii) communicates the vision and
purpose to build stakeholder understanding and support, (iii) identifies goals to advance the
vision, (iv) ensures that the school’s vision and purpose guide the learning process, and (v)
reviews its vision an