Free reflective essay example 08Free reflective essay example 08Free reflective essay example 08
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Clayton Brown
Section 16
3 May, 2013
Dr. Stephen Whitworth
Evaluative Essay
Reflective Essay
In Foundations of College Writing, I have met the five Student Learn Outcomes and
improved my writing significantly. I have learned to think always about audience; I have
developed my research skills; I have learned how to incorporate evidence into my writing; and I
have gotten experience composing in multiple media presentations.
Context and Purpose of Writing:
I have fulfilled this goal by being able to identify how to form my writing to be both
meaningful and understood by a certain audience, and also be able to change my writing to be
meaningful and understood by different types of audiences. For example, In both essay number
one (Expository Essay) and essay number three (Evaluative Essay) I learned to form my writing
to be understood by college educated adults, and in essay number 2 The argumentative essay
the audience was a hostile one, or an audience that disagrees with my opin