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Reflective Essays on Academic Rigor, Relevance and Reflection
2006 Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium
Unicoi State Park and Conference Center
April 14-15, 2006
In preparation for the Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium, the organizers
invite you to share with fellow participants some brief reflections on the
concept of academic rigor. We would appreciate receiving by Friday, April
7th, your perception of academic rigor, your personal experience with
academic rigor as a teacher or student, and/or your thoughts on what
faculty and the University should do to promote rigor in our academic
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Relevance and the Connection to Rigor
As James Beane (1997) has argued, the most powerful sources for curriculum are the
concerns of students about themselves and about social issues. Relevance as Beane
defines it, connecting curriculum to students' concerns and interests about themselves