Free reflective essay example 06Free reflective essay example 06Free reflective essay example 06
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Reflective Essay

Chris Jones
Col. Sheldon
Help Received:
Col. Sheldon
Three papers written over the course of the semester
Three Reflective Paragraphs
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In taking History 304 Ancient Greek History with Col Sheldon, and writing
the three term papers on Akrotiri, The Mask of Agamemnon, and Alcibiades. I have
learned quite a lot about ancient Greek history, culture, and military history. In
writing these three term papers I have taken some time of reflection to look back on
what I have learned about these three topics and how they are tied together and
connected to one another and how they are important to Greek culture. I realized
that no matter how different things in Greece can be, they could always be connected
to each other in one way or another and to the modern world.
Akrotiri, the once thriving trade city located on the island of Thera was a
Minoan settlement up until the devastating volcanic eruption that completely wiped
out the city. Luckily the settlemen